The Five Best Fucking Songs Right Now* (Volume 4)

* based on absolutely no criteria whatsoever


It’s almost summer again (here in Los Angeles, anyway — the rest of you may have another month or two before it’s good and sunny out). And that means it’s time to listen to some good fucking songs. Because the best fucking songs sound the very best when it’s nice out, and you’re laying by the pool or at the beach or driving around in a convertible.


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The Two Jakes: Bugs, Blondes & Blueberries Are The ‘Enemy’

jake-gyllenhaal-enemy-twins-two-jakesIn cinema, there are twist endings… and then there are endings that are so twisted, so gnarled, so completely screwed up they leave you sitting in the theater with your mouth hanging open puzzling over what the hell just happened until the end credits are over.

Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy has such an ending.

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Character Ark: ‘Noah’ Writes The Book On Savvy Spectacle

russell-crowe-noahHave you heard the Good News?

One of the most innovative filmmakers of this millennium has released an epic blockbuster that caters heavily to a Christian audience — and it’s actually pretty decent.

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‘Looking’ For Commitment: “Looking For A Plus One”

patrick-kevin-kiss-looking-for-a-plus-one-jonathan-groff-ruseell-toveyThere’s only one episode left in Looking‘s first season, and unless they really fuck it up (which is entirely possible), it will go down as a lop-sided debut, with the first four episodes getting off to a wobbly and largely disappointing start, while the final four gave us something that was much more promising.

“Looking For A Plus One” continues last week’s trend of our three leads behaving like jerks to love interests who deserve better, but the stakes are even greater this time around. More “happens” in “Looking For A Plus One” than all of the other episodes combined, really, in terms of conflict between characters.

Yeah — conflict! Who knew Looking had such a thing in store?

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‘Looking’ For A Boyfriend: “Looking In The Mirror”

patrick-richie-boyfriends-looking-in-the-mirror-jonathan-groff-raul-castilloLast week’s “Looking For The Future” was the first time in Looking‘s still-brief run that the show actually took a narrative and creative risk, allowing a single date between Patrick and Richie to sustain an entire episode. Some found it the epitome of the show’s nothingness, its willingness to let the mundane create drama.

Others, like myself, proclaimed that it was by far the best Looking yet, because it’s not that it matters so much what happens on a show, but how we feel about it. Looking‘s first four episodes similarly didn’t have a lot going on plot-wise, but they also kept the characters a bit of a mystery. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Augustin amidst all his self-entitled whining? Can I really sympathize with Dom’s moping about the Big 4-0 when he’s still gallivanting around like a fresh-sprung twink? (Answer: no, and not really.)

Now, with “Looking For The Future,” Looking has less to prove. We know it can be heartfelt and insightful, but will it be, ever again, from here on out? With “Looking In The Mirror,” we (kinda sorta) have an answer.

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‘Looking’ Better: “Looking For The Future”

looking-for-the-future-patrick-richie-view-san-francisco Okay, here we go.

We’re now officially more than halfway through Looking‘s first season, and we’ve finally gotten the series’ first pretty great episode.

Sure, Looking‘s detractors can still complain that nothing happens — in fact, even less happens on a plot level in “Looking For The Future” than does in previous episodes — but that’s by design. Looking cuts out all the side characters to focus exclusively on Patrick and his developing romance with Richie, finally giving us some insight into the show’s lead.

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‘Stranger’ Danger: Penises, Poor Choices & A Body Of Water

stranger-by-the-lake-nude-Christophe Paou-ass-michel-L'inconnu-du-lac-franck-Pierre-Deladonchamps-shirtlessThis blog has been so gay lately!

Allow me to interrupt my coverage of Looking for a review of my first 2014 film, which is coincidentally (or not coincidentally) also about men cruising for sex. Stranger By The Lake is a French production, by which I mean it is in French and takes place in France, and also that there are penises everywhere. I swear, no matter how attracted you are to the male anatomy, you will grow tired of penises by the end of this movie. The leads spend at least half of the movie fully naked, and the extras are pretty much all naked all the time. That’s because Stranger By The Lake takes place entirely at said lake, which is unofficially a nudist beach and cruising spot, with lots of dirty deeds going down in the nearby woods.

Including murder.

Which you’d think would be a total boner-killer in such a place. But as it turns out in Stranger By The Lake? Not so much.

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‘Looking’ For A Shirt: “Looking For $220/Hr”


When I first heard HBO’s new gay show would be set in San Francisco, I thought it was a bit strange. A gay show set in San Francisco, really? What is this, 1985?

As it turns out, the creators of Looking really do seem stuck in 1985, and thus, in “Looking For $220 An Hour,” the inevitable occurs. The boys head to the Folsom Street Fair for some leather-clad fun.

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