When Peppy Met George: The Year Of Loving Nostalgically

(Movies discussed in this post: Beginners, Certified Copy, Forget Me Not, One Day, Midnight In Paris, The Artist, The Future.)

I have two questions for you:

1) Have you ever been in love?

And, if so —

2) Was it quirky?

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Gold Rush: The Golden Globe Nominees 2012

Ah, The Golden Globes. What can I say about The Golden Globes that hasn’t been said before?

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Gold Rush: BFCA Critics’ Choice Awards Nominees & Winners

Another day, another smattering of kudos from an organization most filmgoers don’t even know exists. This list keeps Hugo and The Artist on top of things, as will as giving The Help a little more awards-wind beneath its wings.

See the full list below.

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Gold Rush: The New York Film Critics Circle 2011

Awards Season is officially underway, and the New York Film Critics Circle is one of the first out of the gate with love for Moneyball, The Artist, and The Tree Of Life.

Here are the winners:

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Gold Rush: Independent Spirit Awards Nominees 2011

BEST FEATURE (Award given to the Producer)
§  50/50
§  Beginners
§  Drive
§  Take Shelter
§  The Artist
§  The Descendants

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