Welcome to the City.

It’s that time of year again — Oscar season. All the Damn Good movies (and their wannabe ilk) are coming out.

I know I’ll be talking about it. Thinking about it. Writing about it. I figure I may as well have a place to gather all that.

Here is that place.

My aims are simple — to talk about the films I see, and the awards I want them to win (if applicable). I see a lot of movies, so do your best to keep up. I imagine I will also discuss other pop culture happenings as well, from books to celebrity culture to TV and pop music. All that good stuff, and the bad stuff, too.

I’ll write a little something about every movie I see from here on out, even if it’s just a sentence or two. I’ll discuss and dissect them in different ways — some films, I will rate according to their success as “cinematic aphrodisiacs”; i.e., “date movie”; i.e., will this film get you laid? Others I’ll take a bit more seriously, especially as awards season heats up. I will also retroactively discuss favorites (and least favorites) of the past, along with other stuff. You’ll love it!


So without further ado…

Welcome to the city.


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