The LAST of the LOST BOYS.

We used to run

We used to jump

We used to play hide and seek.

I found a spot

Here in the dark,

But you’re not looking for me.

Where did you go?

Why did you grow up?

We were not nearly done.

Oh, don’t you know

Don’t have to grow up?

We can always be young.

You said you’d never-never leave me behind,

You said you never-never wanted two kids, a yard, a wife.

I know it’s hard to survive,

But I’m still here,

And I’m still alive.

I’m the last of the lost boys,

I’ll never grow old.

The real world’s a cruel world —

Or so I’m told.

You’re on your way now,

And I’m on my own.

I’ll find my adventure,

I’ll do it alone.

You’ve got a mortgage, I don’t know where I live —

Take off that white dress, honey. You’re just a kid.


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