BRAVE New York.

I’m new here

In New York

It’s the oldest story told.

I saw bright lights

In my mind’s eye,

Now I’m lost, and broke, and cold.

I said goodbye

To that limelight

And I walked out on LA.

Well, I came here

To disappear,

But I’ll find myself someday.

And everybody said, “Don’t go —

You’re pretty much the bravest person that we know.”

I gave up everything I had,

Thinking the big bad city didn’t sound so bad.

And just like that, everything changes —

New York, you weren’t kidding.

I love New York, but it hates me

Watch me crash and burn, Manhattan takes me.

I’m new here,

I’m new now,

I’m brand new now.

I’m new here,

Brand new here,

Brand new now.


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