Bowling With Bruno Mars: My Interview

From the Vault: My interview with Bruno Mars last fall, just before his album was released. We went bowling at Lucky Strike! Originally posted on Idolator.

Bruno Mars Lucky Strike Event - Bruno bowlingIf music were bowling, Bruno Mars would be scoring strike after strike lately. His first solo single is #1 on the charts, the F-bomb-laden track he co-penned with Cee-Lo has everyone singing along (and then promptly washing their mouths out with soap), and he’s already got pubescent heartthrobs-in-the-making covering his hits.

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Wiz Khalifa: My Interview

From the Vault: My interview with Wiz Khalifa for Idolator.

Originally posted on March 29, 2011.

Wiz Khalifa - Teach You To FlyWiz Khalifa currently has the #1 song on iTunes, “No Sleep”, and it’s safe to say his debut full-length album, Rolling Papers — out today! — will waft toward the top of the charts as well. We can think of no better (legal) way to celebrate Wiz’s album release day than by posting our exclusive interview with the generous rapper, conducted at a private bash at The Gramercy Hotel in New York. So what did MTV’s big man on campus have to say about fame, Hannibal Lecter, and — brace yourselves for a shocking revelation — smoking marijuana? Experience the contact high along with us in our interview below. Continue reading